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Time For Your Yearly $30 Soil Analysis

It is time to get your yearly soil analysis done! For only $30, a soil sample will be taken and sent to a professional lab. Approximately two weeks later a detailed report will arrive with an in depth analysis of current nutrient levels, soil pH, cation exchange capacity, and fertilizer/lime recommendations to correct any imbalances. You will receive an estimate for the recommended fall treatments based upon the results of the test.

It is crucial to have this done in late August/early September because the results will arrive in September, which is then the ideal time frame for soil treatments (such as lime, fertilizer, milorganite, turface, etc.) to be applied, often in conjunction with core aeration and over seeding.

Please contact Taylor through email, phone, or text to confirm your interest in having this done. This is strongly recommended on a yearly basis, but is even more crucial after the extreme drought conditions that the summer has brought.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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