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Spring is Here! Time to Dethatch

The warm weather finally seems to be sticking around for good! Now that most or all of our snow is finally gone, it is time to get onto the dethaching list for the season. The base cost for dethaching is 3 times the normal mowing price. For TMPS, dethachings generally take first priority over any larger spring time projects such as mulch work. This is due to the time sensitivity of dethachings.

Dethaching is important to get done before the very hot temperatures of the summer arrive. It is important to have all of the old leaves, small debris, and accumulated dead grass (those things together create "thatch") removed because too much thatch will prevent water, fertilizer, and sunlight from getting to the grass roots. A thick layer of thatch can "choke out" the grass roots, causing grass to die off. Worst of all, a nice thick layer of thatch is a great home for all kinds of harmful insects! When you have sections of dead grass, or even weak grass during the summer time we all know what takes its place! WEEDS.

There are a few basic steps that TMPS takes while removing thatch:

1. If the grass is tall, mow it somewhat short.

2. After the grass is short, run the dethacher through all sections of the lawn at least twice.

3. Vacuum up all thatch that was stirred up by the dethacher.

Contact Taylor ASAP to get onto the dethaching to-do list. Happy Spring Everyone!!


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