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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get an estimate?


Simply call the number at the top of the website and we will come out to give you your free estimate for whatever your landscaping needs may be. 


How often should I have my lawn mowed?



Lawn mowing can be dependent upon the weather. From May through September it is best for the lawn to be mowed on a weekly basis. This allows for the mowers to have a finer cut and will leave your lawn looking great. Letting the grass grow too long and cutting it short is not healthy and could result in shocking the lawn. In general, it is best to cut only about an inch or two off at a time. 


What does lawn mowing services include?


Lawn mowing service includes mowing, trimming the edges, and blowing off the surrounding paved areas (driveway/sidewalk). 


What kind of materials does the company use?


Whether you are in need of new soil, mulch or stone, Taylor Made Property Services uses only the best products to give your yard a crisp clean look. We work with local suppliers to ensure everything used is fresh and of the highest quality. 


What is curbside leaf removal?


Curbside leaf removal is just as it sounds. Homeowners can simply rake the leaves to the curb, and we will come suck them up and take them away!

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