It's Time To Schedule Fall Service!

With September in our sights, it is time to pick out your fall service package! All of these services, headlined by Aeration, will help to improve the overall health of your lawn. The ideal time for these services to be performed is Early-Mid September through Early-Mid October. Contact TMPS right away to schedule your service pacage! Review the information below to help make your decision...

These are all important fall time services that will drastically improve the health of your lawn! Numbers listed next to services are factors multiplied by your mowing price. Please ask for your mowing price if you do not know it or do not have one. Please note that each service is also available individually at its standalone price.

Discount Package A

  • Core Aeration 5x

  • Overseed 3x

  • Starter Fertilizer 1x

  • Dethatching 3x

  • Soil Test $30

  • Lime Treatment 1x

Total = 13x + $30

Discount Package Price = 10x[endif]--

Discount Package B

  • Core Aeration 5x

  • Overseed 3x

  • Starter Fertilizer 1x

  • Dethatching 3x

Total = 12x

Discount Package Price = 9x[endif]--

Discount Package C

  • Core Aeration 5x

  • Overseed 3x

  • Starter Fertilizer 1x

  • Soil Test $30

  • Lime Treatment 1x

Total = 10x + $30

Discount Package Price = 8x[endif]--

Discount Package D

  • Core Aeration 5x

  • Overseed 3x

  • Starter Fertilizer 1x

Total = 9x

Discount Package Price = 7x[endif]--

Read on for specific service details...

Core Aeration

Using a top of the line professional aeration machine, cores of dirt are pulled up from the soil. The holes left behind allow seed, fertilizer, water, and air to get into the deep soil and directly improve the health of the grass roots. The cores of soil left on the lawn breakdown as top dressing.


Is most effective when paired with core aeration and starter fertilizer. A high quality mixture of grass seed specficially engineered for our climate is spread evenly throughout the lawn to fill small bare spots and promote more thick grass.

Starter Fertilizer

Fertilizer is spread throughout the lawn that is specifically engineered to match with the overseed mixture, and will create the best possible environment for new seed germination.


Dethatching is done by a powerful set of tines that remove excess thatch buildup in the lawn. Too mutch thatch can prevent grass roots from getting water and nutrients. Although more commonly done in the spring, dethatching can also prepare the soil very well for the most success with overseeding, fertilizer, and lime treatment.

Soil Test

Small samples of soil are pulled from several different spots in the lawn and sent to a lab for professional analysis. In 10-14 days, TMPS will receive the results which tell the exact pH of your soil, allowing us to know exactly which lime product to use and how much of it to spread.

Lime Treatment

Is most effective when paired with a soil test and core aeration. Application of lime to the lawn will help restore the pH to a more basic level. Many lawns in our region are naturally acidic, so periodic lime treatment is necessary to raise the pH. The closer to 7.0, the greater the health of your lawn.

Thank you in advance for your fall time business!


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